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    • Die estetiese konkretisering van herinneringe in die konseptuele installasiekuns van Willem Boshoff 

      Swanepoel, Magritha Christiana (North-West University, 2011)
      This study focuses on the way in which Willem Boshoff aesthetically con-cretized the historical memories of Afrikaners and their influence on their notion of power and identity formation. For this purpose a selection was ...
    • Willem Boshoff and materiality according to Adorno 

      Swanepoel, M.C. [Rita] (Art Historical Work Group of South Africa, 2013)
      This article presents a reading of South African artist Willem Boshoff’s installation Writing that fell off the wall (1997) to illustrate how he used his material to expose colonialism and apartheid as inhuman ideologies. ...