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    • Anatomy of the Southern African Boerhavia and Commicarpus species (Nyctaginaceae) 

      Jordaan, Anine; Siebert, Stefan John; Struwig, Madeleen (Bangladesh Assosiation of Plant Taxonomists, 2011)
      The Nyctaginaceae in southern Africa is represented by five genera of which Boerhavia L. and Commicarpus Standl. are the most species-rich. Stem, leaf and anthocarp material was collected in situ and examined with a scanning ...
    • A taxonomic revision of Boerhavia (Nyctaginaceae) in southern Africa 

      Struwig, M.; Siebert, S.J. (Elsevier, 2013)
      The genus Boerhavia in southern Africa is revised. Eight species and one infraspecific taxon are recognized for the Flora of Southern Africa region, with Boerhavia orbicularifolia Struwig described as new. Four of the ...
    • A taxonomic revision of Commicarpus (Nyctaginaceae) in southern Africa 

      Struwig, M.; Siebert, S.J. (Elsevier, 2013)
      A taxonomic revision of the genus Commicarpus in southern African is presented and includes a key to the species, complete nomenclature and a description of all infrageneric taxa. The geographical distribution, notes on ...