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    • Disordered eating behavior, body image, and energy status of female student dancers 

      Robbeson, Justine G.; Kruger, Herculina S.; Wright, Hattie H. (Human Kinetics Publ Inc, 2015)
      Background: Modern culture has stereotyped the female body as one that is continually getting thinner. Internalization of the ‘thin’ ideal is partly attributable to the inner ideal to be successful combined with the external ...
    • Energy availability in athletes 

      Wright, Hester Helena; Loucks, Anne B.; Kiens, Bente; Wright, Hester Helena; Loucks, Anne B.; Kiens, Bente (Taylor & Francis, 2011)
      This review updates and complements the review of energy balance and body composition in the Proceedings of the 2003 IOC Consensus Conference on Sports Nutrition. It argues that the concept of energy availability is more ...