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    • Nasal delivery of insulin with Pheroid technology 

      De Bruyn, Tanile (North-West University, 2006)
      Approximately 350 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes mellitus (DM) and this number increases yearly. Since the discovery and clinical application of insulin in 1921, subcutaneous injections have been the ...
    • Novel non-invasive protein and peptide drug delivery approaches 

      Wallis, Lonette; Kleynhans, Elmarie; Du Toit, Trizel; Gouws, Chrisna; Steyn, Dewald; Steenekamp, Jan; Viljoen, Joe; Hamman, Josias (Bentham Science Publishers, 2014)
      Protein and peptide based therapeutics are typically administered by injection due to their poor uptake when administered via enteral routes of drug administration. Unfortunately, chronic administration of these drugs ...
    • Preparation and evaluation of multiple-unit solid oral dosage forms containing chemical permeation enhancing agents 

      Kleynhans, Elmarie (2014)
      The most popular and convenient route of drug administration remains the oral route, however, protein and peptide drugs such as insulin have poor membrane permeability and stability in the gastrointestinal tract. Absorption ...