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    • A dynamic model approach of securitization and the financial crisis 

      Mpundu, Mubanga (Econ Journals, 2016)
      Securitization involves the transformation of illiquid assets into liquid and easy to sell ones. The paper focuses on the effect of unexpected negative shocks on Low Quality-asset price and input, Collateralized Debt ...
    • Designing a dynamic thermal and energy system simulation scheme for cross industry applications 

      Bouwer, Werner (North-West University, 2004)
      The South African economy, which is largely based on heavy industry such as minerals extraction and processing, is by nature very energy intensive. Based on the abundance of coal resources, electricity in South Africa ...
    • Relasies in die chaosteorie 

      Smuts, Leon (North-West University, 2005)
      The central purpose of this study is the integration of modem philosophical thinking with different chaos theory principles and definitions to form relational perspectives. Relations are used in different contexts to ...