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    • Biocatalytic resolution of substituted styrene oxides 

      Yeates, Charl Alan (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, 2001)
      Stereochemistry and chirality are arguably two of the most important subjects pertaining to the development of new pharmaceutical drugs. Since enantiomers have the potential to encompass different pharmacological effects ...
    • Optimisation of a stereoconvergent process catalysed by whole yeast cells 

      Yeates, Charl Alan (North-West University, 2008)
    • Red yeast epoxide hydrolases : growth, activity and selectivity 

      Maritz, Jana (North-West University, 2007)
      Enantiopure epoxides are versatile compounds in the production of single enantiomer drugs, and are of high value as building blocks and intermediates in the preparation of more complex single enantiomer pharmaceuticals and ...
    • The stabilisation of epoxide hydrolase activity 

      Maritz, Jana (Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, 2002)
      Biocatalysis and enzyme technology represent significant research topics of contemporary biotechnology. The immobilisation of these catalysts on or in static supports serves the purpose of transforming the catalyst into ...