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    • Didanosine and lopinavir : non–conventional solid–states 

      Lemmer, Hendrik Jacobus Righard (North-West University, 2011)
      The physicochemical properties of several novel polymorphs and amorphous forms of the antiretroviral (ARV) agents, didanosine and lopinavir, are reported. The polymorphs were prepared from recrystallisation and the glasses ...
    • The influence of S-nitrosylation on the channel activity of polycyclic amines 

      Lemmer, Hendrik Jacobus Righard (North-West University, 2008)
      A novel series of polycyclic amines, containing nitrogen monoxide donating moieties, were synthesised and tested for possible neuroprotective activity. The premise for this study was the- recent development of a series of ...
    • Paracellular drug absorption enhancement through tight junction modulation 

      Lemmer, Hendrik Jacobus Righard; Hamman, Josias H. (Informa Healthcare, 2013)
      Introduction: Inclusion of absorption-enhancing agents in dosage forms is one approach to improve the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients with low membrane permeability. Tight junctions are dynamic protein ...