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    • European bluetongue serotype 8: disease threat assessment for U.S. sheep 

      Drolet, Barbara S.; Van Rijn, Piet A.; Reister-Hendricks, Lindsey M.; Podell, Brendan K.; Breitenbach, Jonathan E. (Mary Ann Liebert, 2016)
      Bluetongue virus (BTV) is an orbivirus transmitted by biting midges (Culicoides spp.) that can result in moderate to high morbidity and mortality primarily in sheep and white-tailed deer. Although only 5 serotypes of BTV ...
    • Experimental infection of small ruminants with bluetongue virus expressing Toggenburg Orbivirus proteins 

      Van Rijn, Piet A.; Van de Water, Sandra G.P.; Maris-Veldhuis, Mieke A.; Van Gennip, René G.P. (Elsevier, 2016)
      Bluetongue virus (BTV) is the prototype orbivirus (Reoviridae family, genus Orbivirus) consisting of more than 24 recognized serotypes or neutralization groups. Recently, new BTV serotypes in goats have been found; serotype ...
    • 'n Kritiese bestuursrekeningkundige evaluering van boerbokboerdery 

      Fourie, Willem Abraham Stefanus (North-West University, 2011)
      The aim of this study was firstly to perform, from the existing literature, a SWOT ("Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats") analysis of the boerbok industry. Secondly, to design a case study where a number of ...