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    • Aspects of moral education in Bhaca mamtiseni and nkciyo initiation rituals 

      Makaula, Phiwe Ndonana (North-West University, 2010)
      The main objective of this mini–dissertation is to investigate the basic form and content of moral education as it manifests itself in the mamtiseni and nkciyo female initiation rituals of the Mount Frere region of the ...
    • Guidelines for repertoire selection for a beginner secondary school choir : an explanatory case study 

      Lombard, Marshell Clive (2014)
      This study investigated the criteria conductors use to select repertoire for beginner secondary school choirs and is based on a qualitative research design. The research was guided by a social constructivist worldview ...
    • Music and well-being 

      Boyce-Tillman, Jane (Vaal Triangle Faculty, North-West University, 2014)
      This paper scrutinizes how human beings relate to the wider cosmos in the thinking of the European Middle Ages. The re-invention of the ‘spiritual’ might liberate Western culture from Cartesian elements within Western ...