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    • Glow-in-the-dark globular clusters: modelling their multiwavelength lanterns 

      Venter, C.; Büsching, I.; De Jager, O.C.; Kopp, A.; Clapson, A-C. (South African Institute of Physics, 2012)
      Globular clusters (GCs) are astronomical tapestries embroidered with an abundance of exotic stellar-type objects, including ancient metal-poor stars, planetary nebulae, white dwarfs (WDs), low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXRBs), ...
    • A search for optical counterparts of the complex Vela X system 

      Marubini, T.E.; Venter, C.; De Jager, O.C.; Sefako, R.R. (South African Institute of Physics, 2015)
      The pulsar wind nebula (PWN) associated with the Vela pulsar is a bright source in the radio, X-ray and gamma-ray bands, but not in the optical. This source is very near, lying at a distance of 290 pc, as inferred from ...