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    • Aerosol properties over an urban site, Johannesburg measured from sunphotometer 

      Adesina, Joseph A.; Piketh, Stuart J.; Sivakumar, V.; Kumar, Raghavendra K.; Singh, Jyotsna (SASAS, 2014)
      In this paper, we present results using ground based Sunphotometer (a passive remote sensing instrument designed to study aerosol properties) as a part of NASA’s AERONET data. The analysis was based on the winter and ...
    • A comprehensive study of air quality in urban, low-income areas of South Africa 

      Hersey, Scott P.; Burger, Roelof P.; Piketh, Stuart J. (SASAS, 2014)
      Multi-year ambient air quality data from 4 networks (19 sites) in Gauteng have been analyzed, in addition to data from intensive indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring in a small township in Mpumalanga province. PM10 ...