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dc.contributor.authorAditi Sharma, Grover
dc.contributor.authorCalteaux, Caren
dc.contributor.authorBarnard, Etienne
dc.contributor.authorVan Huyssteen, Gerhard
dc.identifier.citationGrover, A.S. & Barnard, E., et al. 2012. A voice service for user feedback on school meals. In: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM Symposium on Computing for Development, 11-12 March 2012.en_US
dc.descriptionProceedings of the 2nd ACM Symposium on Computing for Development, New York, USA, 11-12 March 2012en_US
dc.description.abstractResearch using voice-based services as a technology platform for providing information access and services within developing world regions has shown much promise. The results for design and deployment of such voice-based services have varied depending on the application domain, user community and context. In this paper the authors describe their work on developing a voice-based service for obtaining feedback from school children, a previously unexplored user community. Through a user study, focus group discussions and observations of learners’ interaction with multiple design prototype versions, they investigated several factors around input modality preference, language preference, performance and overall user experience. Whilst no significant differences were observed for performance across the prototypes, there were strong preferences for speech (input modality) and English (language). Focus group discussions revealed rich information on learner’s perceptions around trust, confidentiality and general system usage. They highlight several design changes made and provide further recommendations on designing for this user community.en_US
dc.subjectVoice user interfaceen_US
dc.subjectDual tone multi frequencyen_US
dc.subjectSpeech interfaceen_US
dc.subjectChildren's technology usageen_US
dc.subjectDeveloping world technology usageen_US
dc.subjectSchool mealsen_US
dc.subjectMobile voice-based servicesen_US
dc.subjectInteractive voice responseen_US
dc.titleA voice service for user feedback on school mealsen_US
dc.contributor.researchID21021287 - Barnard, Etienne
dc.contributor.researchID10215484 - Van Huyssteen, Gerhardus Beukes

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