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dc.contributor.advisorSchutte, P.C.
dc.contributor.authorVan Rensburg, Marius Janse
dc.descriptionSkripsie (MBA)--PU vir CHO, 1995.
dc.description.abstractChapter one represents a broad perspective of liaison forms as part of employee participation functioning within the South African Police. As a primary goal, the acceptability as well as the efficiency of liaison forums are being questioned. As secondary goal, stumbling blocks were addressed.Chapter two consists of the theoretical basis for this empirical research. Relevant theoretical contributions of historical and contemporary writers were dealt with. Employee participation was linked to several aspects closely related to employee participation. Chapter three reflects the basic objectives, the goals, the research methodology as well as the findings of this study. The critical factors influencing the acceptability as well as the efficiency of liaison forums were identified. Chapter four contains perspectives on the conclusion and the recommendations. It was concluded that liaison forums are acceptable but that several aspects do influence the efficiency thereof. The recommendations reflect responsibility of management towards the formulation of strategies for employee participation training (which includes liaison forums), the importance of line management and the functions 05 labour relations in respect of the labour practitioner and internal communication.
dc.publisherPotchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
dc.titleGesprekforums : 'n instrument vir werkerdeelname in die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisieafr

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