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dc.contributor.advisorKotzé, J.G.
dc.contributor.authorHoogendyk, Christiaan de Wet
dc.descriptionThesis (MBA)--PU vir CHO, 1994.
dc.description.abstractA new venture was launched to manufacture equipment for a niche market. The complexity anode turbulence of the environment forces management to be pro-active. In order to survive and grow in a dynamic and complex environment strategic planning to aid pro-active action is necessary. A strategic plan was developed with clear futuristic strategies. The situational analysis identified strengths and weaknesses within the organisation as well as opportunities and threads to the organisation from the environment. From these analysis the future course for the organisation was developed. Chapter three is a theoretical study on strategic planning. The strategic plan is discussed along with all the different analysis needed and their reasons. A model how to implement this plan is described in chapter four. The theory of chapters three and four are applied in chapter five. Chapter five gives the strategic plan for the new venture according to the theory laid out in the previous two chapters. The target markets of the organization were probed for their perceptions on isokinetic equipment and to determine the size of the market. This was done by means of a group interview and an telephone survey. Information concerning the organisation was obtained from the members of the organisation itself. This information was interpreted and incorporated into the strategic plan. The plan includes the mission statement, business philosophy, objectives, strategies of the organisation and how it will be implemented. In the end the author gives his conclusion and recommendations.
dc.publisherPotchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
dc.title'n Strategiese plan vir die vervaardiging en bemarking van isokinetiese evalueringsapparaatafr

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