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  • Van der Walt, Johannes L.; Potgieter, Ferdinand J.; De Muynck, Bram; Wolhuter, Charl C. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2013)
    A typology of student teachers’ sources of inspiration in the form of a two-tiered theoretical framework formed the foundation of a questionnaire administered to student teachers in three different countries. The results ...
  • Coetzee, Rein; Visagie, Jan; Ukpere, Wilfred (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2013)
    There are still several myths around leadership in spite of the fact that it is one of the most topical issues in modern organisations. The importance thereof and contributions of leadership in high performing organisations ...
  • Havenga, Werner; Brand, Conrad; Visagie, Jan (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2013)
    Satisfaction at work has become a widespread focus of researchers. The Gallup Q12 Workplace Audit is an instrument that measures employee engagement on a 12-item scale. The aim of this exploratory study was to revisit ...
  • Fields, Ziska; Bisschoff, Christo A. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2013)
    This article develops a theoretical model to measure the creativity of young adults (18 to 25 years of age). Historical creativity approaches, dimensions, models and tests were researched through a literature study in ...
  • Fields, Ziska; Bisschoff, Christo A. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2013)
    Measuring creativity at a tertiary educational level has been problematic due to the diverse teaching and learning processes and programmes used in tertiary educational institutions. The objective of this research paper ...
  • Chummun, Zaheenah B.; Bisschoff, Christo A. (Kamla-Raj Enterprises, 2013)
    This article reports on the business success of the microinsurance (MI) industry in South Africa. This was achieved by applying a theoretical model to measure the MI’s business success. More specifically, the theoretical model ...

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