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    • Business socialising: women's social networking perceptions 

      Bogaards, Marlene; Mostert, Karina; De Klerk, Saskia (Academic journals, 2012)
      The primary research objective of the study was to investigate the perceptions of the social networking practices of businesswomen. A non-probability purposive voluntary sample, followed by snowball sampling, was used to ...
    • Establishing and developing business networks: the importance of trust 

      De Klerk, Saskia (Academic journals, 2012)
      The purpose of this research was to explore the importance of trust in establishing and developing business networks. The perceived levels of trust, commitment, cooperation, common interest and openness needed for successful ...
    • Exploring the relationship intention concept in two South African service industries 

      De Klerk, Saskia; Delport, Hester; Mostert, Pieter Gerhardus; Steyn, T.F.J. (IBC Fifth International Business Conference, 2010)
      Identifying customers who have the intention to build long-term relationships is beneficial for banking and life insurance organisations as it will afford marketers the opportunity to segment customers according to their ...
    • The importance of networking as a management skill 

      De Klerk, Saskia (South African Bureau for Scientific Publications, 2010)
    • Managing network motivations of [Ev]Entrepreneurs 

      De Klerk, Saskia; Kruger, Stefan; Saayman, Melville (African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, 2014)
      Entrepreneurial networks are important in the development of any industry. These networks offer access to resources, information, support and markets. In a dynamic, fast growing and diversified industry such as the wedding ...
    • Network, how? perceptions of business people on networking practices 

      De Klerk, Saskia; Greeff, M. (The Department of Business, University of Johannesburg, 2010)
      Purpose : The purpose of this paper was to contribute to literature on networking from a South African perspective. Literature on networking is mainly concentrated on the European and American contexts with homogeneous ...
    • The networking practices of businesswomen 

      Bogaards, Marlene; De Klerk, Saskia; Mostert, Karina (2011)
      The primary objective of this study was to investigate the networking practices of businesswomen in the Gauteng Province, South Africa. The study of businesswomen's networking practices can provide critical insight into ...