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    • Coping with HIV-related stigma in five African countries 

      Greeff, Minrie; Phetlhu, Deliwe; Makoae, Lucia N; Uys, Leana R; Naidoo, Joanne R; Kohi, Thecla W; Dlamini, Priscilla S; Chirwa, Maureen L; Holzemer, William L (Elsevier Science Limited, 2008)
    • The development and validation of the HIV/AIDS Stigma Instrument - Nurse (HASI-N) 

      Phetlhu, Deliwe; Greeff, Minrie; Uys, Leana R; Dlamini, Priscilla S; Mullan, Joseph; Cuca, Yvette P; Naidoo, Joanne R (Routledge, 2009)
      Illness-related stigma remains a serious problem in the management of HIV disease in Africa. This article describes a series of study phases conducted to develop and validate an instrument to measure HIV/AIDS-related stigma ...
    • HIV Stigma and Nurse Job Satisfaction in Five African Countries 

      Greeff, Minrie; Chirwa, Maureen L; Kohi, Thecla W; Naidoo, Joanne R; Makoae, Lucy N; Dlamini, Priscilla S; Kaszubski, Christopher; Cuca, Yvette P; Uys, Leana R; Holzermer, William L (Elsevier, 2009)
      This study explored the demographic and social factors, including perceived HIV stigma, that influence job satisfaction in nurses from 5 African countries. A cross-sectional survey was conducted of nurses (n = 1,384) caring ...