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    • Measurements of aerosol charging states in Helsinki, Finland 

      Kulmala, M.; Laakso, L.; Vana, M.; Gagné, S.; Leppä, J.; Petäjä, T.; McGrath, M.J; Kerminen, V.-M. (Copernicus Publications, 2011)
      The charging state of aerosol populations was measured with an Ion-DMPS in Helsinki, Finland between December 2008 and February 2010. Based on the charging states, we calculated the ion-induced nucleation fraction to be ...
    • Transportable aerosol characterization trailer with trace gas chemistry: design, instruments and verification 

      Petäjä, T.; Vakkari, V.; Pohja, T.; Kerminen, V.-M.; Laakso, L. (Taiwan Association for Aerosol Research, 2013)
      The characterization of atmospheric aerosol properties and trace gas concentrations in various environments provides a basis for scientific research on the assessment of their roles in the climate system, as well as regional ...