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  • Büsching, I.; De Jager, O.C.; Potgieter, M.S.; Venter, C. (IOP Publishing, 2008)
    Geminga and B0656+14 are the closest pulsars with characteristic ages in the range of 100 kyr to 1 Myr. They both have spin-down powers of the order 3 × 1034 ergs s–1 at present. The winds of these pulsars had most probably ...
  • Strauss, R.D.; Potgieter, M.S.; Ferreira, S. E. S.; Fichtner, H.; Scherer, K. (IOP Science, 2013)
    Results from a newly developed hybrid cosmic ray (CR) modulation model are presented. In this approach, the transport of CRs is computed by incorporating the plasma flow from a magnetohydrodynamic model for the heliospheric ...
  • Potgieter, M.S.; Nndanganeni, R.R. (ELSEVIER, 2013)
    A heliopause spectrum at 122 AU from the Sun is presented for galactic electrons over an energy range from 1 MeV to 50 GeV that can be considered the lowest possible local interstellar spectrum (LIS). The focus of this ...
  • Venter, Christo; Vorster, Michael Johannes; Büsching, Ingo; De Jager, Ocker Cornelis (EDP Sciences, 2011)
    Aims. The recent discovery of the radio shell-type supernova remnant (SNR), G353.6-0.7, in spatial coincidence with the unidentified TeV source HESS J1731−347 has motivated further observations of the source with the High ...
  • Holleran, Mathew; Raubenheimer, Barend Christoffel; Venter, Christo; Büsching, Ingo; De Jager, Ocker Cornelis (EDP Sciences, 2011)
    Primary particle acceleration above 100 TeV in the shell-type supernova remnant RX J1713.7-3946 with deep H.E.S.S. observations (Corrigendum)
  • Potgieter, M.S.; Nndanganeni, R.R. (Springer Link, 2013)
    The propagation and modulation of electrons in the heliosphere play an important part in improving our understanding and assessment of the modulation processes. A full three-dimensional numerical model is used to ...

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