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  • Büsching, I.; De Jager, O.C.; Potgieter, M.S.; Venter, C. (IOP Publishing, 2008)
    Geminga and B0656+14 are the closest pulsars with characteristic ages in the range of 100 kyr to 1 Myr. They both have spin-down powers of the order 3 × 1034 ergs s–1 at present. The winds of these pulsars had most probably ...
  • Barra, S.; Effenberger, F.; Fichtner, H.; Kleimann, J.; Scherer, K.; Strauss, Roelf du Toit (IOP publishing, 2012)
    The spatial diffusion of cosmic rays in turbulent magnetic fields can, in the most general case, be fully anisotropic, i.e., one has to distinguish three diffusion axes in a local, field-aligned frame. We reexamine the ...
  • Burger, Renier Adriaan (IOP Publishing, 2012)
    Drift along the wavy heliospheric neutral sheet is believed to play an important role in cosmic-ray modulation and can explain the peaked versus flat intensity profiles during consecutive solar magnetic epochs. Modulation ...
  • Kopp, Andreas; Potgieter, Marthinus Steenkamp; Strauss, Roelf Du Toit; Büsching, Ingo (IOP Publishing, 2011)
    We present a newly developed numerical modulation model to study the transport of galactic and Jovian electrons in the heliosphere. The model employs stochastic differential equations (SDEs) to solve the corresponding ...
  • Burger, Renier Adriaan; Engelbrecht, Nicholas Eugene; Ferreira, Stephanus Esaias Salomon; Potgieter, Marthinus Steenkamp; Sternal, O.; Fichtner, H.; Heber, B.; Kopp, A.; Scherer, K. (IOP Publishing, 2011)
    The propagation of energetic charged particles in the heliospheric magnetic field is one of the fundamental problems in heliophysics. In particular, the structure of the heliospheric magnetic field remains an unsolved ...
  • Abramowski, A.; Acero, F.; Aharonian, F.; Akhperjanian, A. G.; Casanova, S.; Pekeur, Nicolette Whilna; Sheidaei, F.; Valerius, K.; Venter, Christo; Vorster, Michael Johannes (IOP publishers, 2012)
    Very high energy (VHE; E ≥ 100 GeV) and high-energy (HE; 100 MeV ≤ E ≤ 100 GeV) data from γ-ray observations performed with the H.E.S.S. telescope array and the Fermi-LAT instrument, respectively, are analyzed in order to ...
  • Burger, Renier Adriaan; Clem, J.; Pei, C.; Bieber, J.W. (IOP publishing, 2012)
    We present an analytic method to determine the directions of the three-dimensional (3D) heliospheric current sheet (HCS) drift for any tilt angle based on Parker's heliospheric magnetic field and compare it with published ...

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