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    • Metathesis access to monocyclic iminocyclitol-based therapeutic agents 

      Dragutan, Ileana; Vosloo, Hermanus C.M.; Delaude, Lionel; Dragutan, Valerian; Mitan, Carmen (Beilstein-Institut, 2011)
      By focusing on recent developments on natural and non-natural azasugars (iminocyclitols), this review bolsters the case for the role of olefin metathesis reactions (RCM, CM) as key transformations in the multistep syntheses ...
    • Normal- and reverse-phase paper chromatography of leaf extracts of dandelions 

      Du Toit, Maria H.; Eggen, Per-Odd; Kvittigen, Lise; Partali, Vassilia; Schmid, Rudolf (American Chemical Society, 2012)
      This demonstration describes how normal and reverse phase chromatography can be illustrated using only chromatography paper for the separation of extracts of dandelions.
    • Novel monoamine oxidase inhibitors: a patent review (2012-2014) 

      Carradori, Simone; Petzer, Jacobus P. (Taylor & Francis, 2015)
      Introduction: Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, despite the initial pharmacological interest, are used in clinic for their antidepressant effect and in the management of Parkinson symptoms, due to the established ...