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    • Cloud-based business intelligence for a cellular IoT network 

      Holm, Johann Erich Wolfgang; Moolman, Leon William; Van der Merwe, Gabriel Petrus Rossouw (IEEE, 2019)
      This paper presents a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) implementation for a cellular Internet of Things (IoT) network. A Design Science Research (DSR) paradigm, combined with elaborated Action Design Research (eADR) ...
    • Exploring neural network training dynamics through binary node activations 

      Haasbroek, Daniël G.; Davel, Marelie H. (Southern African Conference for Artificial Intelligence Research, 2020)
      Each node in a neural network is trained to activate for a specific region in the input domain. Any training samples that fall within this domain are therefore implicitly clustered together. Recent work has highlighted ...