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    • Semi-Supervised Training for Lecture Transcription in Resource-Scarce Environments 

      De Villiers, Pieter; Barnard, Etienne; van Heerden, Charl J.; Jooste, Petri (Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa and Mechatronics International Conference, 2014)
      We present a study where standard semi-supervised training methods are applied in a resource-scarce environment to build lecture transcription systems. Experiments are conducted on two different corpora which one can ...
    • Towards lecture transcription in resource-scarce environments 

      De Villiers, Pieter; Jooste, Petri; Van Heerden, Carel J.; Barnard, Etienne (Pattern recognition association of South Africa (PRASA), 2012)
      We present progress towards automated Lecture Transcription (LT) in resource scarce environments. Our development has focused on the transcription of lectures in Afrikaans from two faculties at North-West University. A ...