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    • Decongestion of the distribution grid via optimised location of PV-battery systems 

      Van Ryckeghem, Jurgen; Rens, Johan; Delerue, Thijs; Bottenberg, Agknaton; Desmet, Jan (IET, 2017)
      In order to achieve the energy targets for 2020, further integration of renewable energy sources is required. Hence, there was a need to investigate possible solutions to achieve a reliable network without loss of production. ...
    • Evaluating complex mine ventilation operational changes through simulations 

      Nel, Andries J.H.; Vosloo, Jan C.; Mathews, Marc J. (Univ Cape Town, 2018)
      Increasing the profitability of the mining industry is contingent on its ability to improve operational efficiency. Mine ventilation networks typically represent 25-50% of a mine’s energy consumption and, therefore, ...