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    • Coal product moisture control using stockpiles 

      Campbell, Quentin; Le Roux, Marco; Espag, Chané (Springer, 2016)
      The moisture content of product coal is a major factor influencing the efficiency of downstream coal utilization processes. Product stockpiles are often used as a control measure to regulate the moisture content of the ...
    • The effect of particle size on the rate and depth of moisture evaporation from coal stockpiles 

      De Goede, J.; Muller, B.; Campbell, Q.P.; Le Roux, M.; De Klerk, C.B. Espag (SAIMM, 2016)
      Excessive amounts of moisture in product coal can influence the efficiency of downstream utilization processes due to a decreased calorific value and handling problems. Stockpiles can be used to decrease the moisture content ...