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    • Behaviour of selected major elements during fixed-bed gasification of South African bituminous coal 

      Bunt, J.R.; Waanders, F.B.; Schobert, H. (Elsevier, 2012)
      The Sasol–Lurgi Fixed Bed Dry Bottom gasifier (S–L FBDB) treats a feed coal containing c.a. 30% ash forming minerals, which means that there are complex mineralogical processes occurring simultaneously with each other, ...
    • Pressure-drop predictions in a fixed-bed coal gasifier 

      Bunt, John Reginald; Luckos, Adam (Elsevier science, 2011)
      In the Sasol Synfuels plant in Secunda, Sasol-Lurgi fixed-bed dry-bottom gasifiers are used for the conversion of low-grade bituminous coals to synthesis gas (syngas). The gasifiers are fed with lump coal having a particle ...
    • Reactivity study of fine discard coal agglomerates 

      Bunt, John R.; Neomagus, Hein W.J.P.; Botha, Anke A.; Waanders, Frans B. (Elsevier, 2015)
      In this laboratory study thermo-gravimetric analyses were conducted to determine the influence of the addition of an alkaline metal catalyst (K2CO3 incorporated into a fine discard coal agglomerate mixture by physical ...