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    • Design of a prototype power line inspection robot 

      Du Plessis, N.W.; Gouws, R. (2013)
      The purpose of this paper is to provide the design of a prototype power line inspection robot for the monitoring of Eskom transmission lines. It should also determine if an inspection robot would be a feasible solution ...
    • Prototype monitoring system for power line inspection by means of a PandaBoard 

      Gouws, Rupert; Visser, Tjaart (David Publishing, 2014)
      The national energy supplier (Eskom in South Africa) supplies electricity through thousands-of-kilometers of overhead power lines. The current methods of inspection of these overhead power lines are infrequent and expensive. ...
    • Transmission line monitoring system for a power line inspection robot 

      Visser, T.C.; Gouws, R. (2013)
      Eskom has thousands-of-kilometres of transmission lines running across South Africa. The current methods of overhead power line inspection (foot patrols and air inspections) have been implemented for a long time now and ...