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    • Comparison of central pressure estimates obtained from SphygmoCor, Omron HEM-9000AI and carotid applanation tonometry 

      Fourie, Catharina Maria Theresia; Glyn, Matthew Colin Patrick; Huisman, Hugo Willem; Kips, Jan; Malan, Leone; Schutte, Aletta Elisabeth; Schutte, Rudolph; Segers, Patrick; Van Rooyen, Johannes Marthinus; Vermeersch, Sebastian; Van Bortel, Luc (Lipppincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2011)
      Background: The Omron HEM-9000AI is the first automated tonometer to provide an estimate of central SBP (cSBP), which is considered to be more predictive of cardiovascular events than brachial pressure. However, considerable ...