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  • Abdo, A A; Ackermann, M; Baldini, L; Venter, Christo; Claus, R; Pelassa, V; Porter, T A; Bloom, E D; Smith, D A (Institution of Physics (IOP), 2010)
  • Abdo, A A; Ackermann, M; Baldini, L; Bloom, E D; Porter, T A; Claus, R; Venter, Christo; Johannesson, G; Pelassa, V; Smith, D A (Institution of Physics (IOP), 2010)
  • Ajello, M.; Allafort, A.; Ballet, J.; Barbiellini, G.; Bastieri, D.; Bechtol, K.; Bellazzini, R.; Blandford, R. D.; Bloom, E. D.; Bonamente, E.; Borgland, A. W.; Brigida, M.; Bruel, P.; Buehler, R.; Buson, S.; Caliandro, G. A.; Cameron, R. A.; Camilo, F.; Caraveo, P. A.; Cecchi, C.; Celik, O.; Charles, E.; Chekhtman, A.; Cheung, C. C.; Chiang, J.; Ciprini, S.; Claus, R.; Cognard, I.; Cohen-tanugi, J.; Cominsky, L. R.; De Palma, F.; Dermer, C. D.; Do Couto E Silva, E.; Dormody, M.; Drell, P. S.; Dubois, F.; Dumora, D.; Espinoza, C.; Favuzzi, C.; Fegan, S.; Ferrara, C.; Focke, W. B.; Fortin, P.; Fukazawa, Y.; Fusco, P.; Gargano, F.; Gasparrini, D.; Gehrels, N.; Germani, S.; Giglietto, N.; Giordano, F.; Giroletti, M.; Glanzman, T.; Godfrey, G.; Grenier, I.; Grondin, M. H.; Grove, J. E.; Guillemot, L.; Guiriec, S.; Hadasch, D.; Harding, A. K.; Johannesson, G.; Johnson, A. S.; Johnson, T. J.; Johnston, S.; Katagiri, H.; Kataoka, J.; Keith, M.; Kerr, M.; Knödlseder, J.; Kramer, M.; Kuss, M.; Lande, J.; Latronico, L.; Lee, S. H.; Lemoine-goumard, M.; Longo, F.; Loparco, F.; Lovellette, M. N.; Lubrano, P.; Lyne, A. G.; Manchester, R. N.; Marelli, M.; Mazziotta, M. N.; Mcenery, J. E.; Michelson, P. F.; Mizuno, T.; Moiseev, A. A.; Monte, C.; Monzani, M. E.; Morselli, A.; Moskalenko, I. V.; Murgia, S.; Nakamori, T.; Nolan, P. L.; Norris, J. P.; Nuss, E.; Ohsugi, T.; Okumura, A.; Omodei, N.; Orlando, E.; Ozaki, M.; Paneque, D.; Parent, D.; Pesce-rollins, M.; Pierbattista, M.; Piron, F.; Porter, T. A.; Raino, S.; Ransom, S. M.; Ray, P. S.; Reimer, A.; Reimer, O.; Reposeur, T.; Ritz, S.; Romani, R. W.; Roth, M.; Sadrozinski, H. F. W.; Saz Parkinson, P.M.; Sgro, C.; Shannon, R.; Siskind, E. J.; Smith, D. A.; Smith, P. D.; Spinelli, P.; Stappers, B. W.; Suson, D. J.; Takahashi, H.; Tanaka, T.; Tauris, T. M.; Thayer, J. B.; Theureau, G.; Thompson, D. J.; Thorsett, S. E.; Tibaldo, L.; Torres, D. F.; Tosti, G.; Troja, E.; Van Etten, A.; Vandenbroucke, J.; Vasileiou, V.; Venter, Christo; Vianello, G.; Vilchez, N.; Vitale, N.; Waite, A. P.; Wang, N.; Wood, K. S.; Yang, Z.; Ziegler, M.; Zimmer, S.; Freire, P.C.C.; Abdo, A.A. (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2011)
    We report on the Fermi Large Area Telescope’s detection of γ-ray (>100 mega–electron volts) pulsations from pulsar J1823–3021A in the globular cluster NGC 6624 with high significance (∼7 σ). Its γ-ray luminosity, Lγ = (8.4 ...
  • Abdo, A A; Ackermann, M; Baldini, L; Bloom, E D; Porter, T A; Claus, R; Venter, Christo; Johannesson, G; Pelassa, V; Smith, D A (Institution of Physics (IOP), 2010)
  • Abdo, A A; Monzani, M E; Hayashida, M; Johnson, T J; Longo, F; Bloom, E D; Smith, P D; Takahashi, T; Fukazawa, Y; Venter, Christo (Institution of Physics (IOP), 2010)
  • Guillemot, L.; Kramer, M.; Johnson, T.J.; Craig, H.A.; Venter, C. (IOP Publishing, 2013)
    We report the Fermi Large Area Telescope discovery of γ-ray pulsations from the 22.7 ms pulsar A in the double pulsar system J0737−3039A/B. This is the first mildly recycled millisecond pulsar (MSP) detected in the GeV ...
  • Venter, Christo (IOP Publishing Limited, 2009)
  • Ran, André C.M.; Serény, András (Elsevier, 2012)
    The finite section method for infinite Vandermonde matrices is the focus of this paper. In particular, it is shown that for a large class of infinite Vandermonde matrices the finite section method converges in l1l1 sense ...
  • Acero, F; Aharonian, F; Venter, Christo; Hoffmann, A; Van Eldik, C; Venter, Christo; Busching, Ingo; Förster, A; Hermann, G; Schwarzburg, S (EDP Sciences, 2010)
  • Abdo, A.A.; Ackermann, M.; Ajello, M; Atwood, W.B.; Venter, C. (American Astronomical Society, 2010)
    The dramatic increase in the number of known gamma-ray pulsars since the launch of the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (formerly GLAST) offers the first opportunity to study a sizable population of these high-energy objects. ...
  • Abdo, A A; Ackermann, M; Baldini, L; Bloom, E D; Porter, T A; Claus, R; Venter, Christo; Johannesson, G; Pelassa, V; Smith, D A (University of Chicago Press, 2010)
  • Du Preez, Louis Heyns; Raharivololoniaina, Liliane; Verneua, Olivier; Berthier, Pauline; Vences, Miguel (Elsevier, 2011)
    Kankana manampoka n. gen., n. sp. (Monogenea, Polystomatidae), is described from the urinary bladder of the narrow-mouthed frog Platypelis pollicaris. This is the first record of a polystome from the Microhylidae and the ...
  • Bouwman, Hindrik; Kylin, H.; Tatayah, Vikash; Choong Kwet Yive, Nee Sun; Løken, Katharina (Elsevier, 2012)
    We report for the first time levels of persistent organic pollutants in marine bird eggs from an oceanic island in the Indian Ocean, the world's third largest ocean. Ten eggs each of the Common Noddy, also known as the ...
  • Hitge, Mariette; Burger, Renier A.; Engelbrecht, Nicholas E; Krüger, T.P.J. (IOP Publishing Limited, 2008)
  • Omondi, Bonaventure Aman; Jiang, Nanqing; Van den Berg, Johann; Schulthes, Fritz (Elsevier, 2011)
    The invasive storage pest, the larger grain borer (LGB) Prostephanus truncatus (Horn), was introduced into the maize-deficit, semi-arid areas of the eastern region in Kenya in the early 1980s. In spite of containment efforts ...
  • Cilliers, Sarel Stephanus; Lubbe, Catherina Susanna; Siebert, Stefan John (South African National Biodiversity Institute, 2011)
  • Huizenga, Jan Marten; Touret, Jacques L.R. (Elsevier, 2012)
    Lower crustal granulites, which constitute the base of all continents, belong to two series: high-pressure granulites generated by crustal thickening (subduction) and (ultra)high-temperature granulites associated with ...
  • Loots, Du Toit (MedPharm Publications, 2009)
  • Otto, A.; Du Plessis, J.; Wiechers, J.W. (Wiley, 2009)
    It has been recognized that the vehicle in which a permeant is applied to the skin has a distinctive effect on the dermal and transdermal delivery of active ingredients. The cutaneous and percutaneous absorptions can be ...

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