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  • Whittington, Ian; Lalubin, Fabrice; Allienne, Jean-Francois; Maspimby, Jean-Luc; Bentz, Sophie; Du Preez, Louis Heyns (Oxford University Press / Society of Systematic Biologists, 2011)
    Investigating patterns and processes of parasite diversification over ancient geological periods should involve comparisons of host and parasite phylogenies in a biogeographic context. It has been shown previously that the ...
  • Tarrant, Jeanne; Van der Meijden, Arie; Crottini, Angelica; Turner, Andrew; Vences, Miguel (Unisa Press/Taylor & Francis, 2011)
    The ranoid family Pyxicephalidae is an endemic group of African frogs, with the majority of its diversity concentrated in South Africa. Here we present the first molecular phylogeny that includes as many as nine of the ten ...

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