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    • Magnetic field amplification and flat spectrum radio quasars 

      Chen, Xuhui; Böttcher, Markus; Chatterjee, Ritaban; Zhang, Haocheng; Pohl, Martin (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      We perform time-dependent, spatially resolved simulations of blazar emission to evaluate several flaring scenarios related to magnetic-field amplification and enhanced particle acceleration. The code explicitly accounts ...
    • Synchrotron polarization in blazars 

      Zhang, Haocheng; Böttcher, Markus; Chen, Xuhui (IOP Publishing, 2014)
      We present a detailed analysis of time- and energy-dependent synchrotron polarization signatures in a shock-in-jet model for γ-ray blazars. Our calculations employ a full three-dimensional radiation transfer code, assuming ...