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    • Can metabolomics improve tuberculosis diagnostics? 

      Du Preez, Ilse; Loots, Du Toit (Springer Verlag, 2014)
      With one third of the global human population suffering from tuberculosis (TB) in 2001, the disease was officially declared a worldwide emergency by the World Health Organization. Since then this disease has grown ...
    • Concurrent class analysis identifies discriminatory variables from metabolomics data on isovaleric acidemia 

      Allison, James Samuel; Dercksen, Marli; Koekemoer, Gerhard; Reinecke, Carolus Johannes; Santana, Leonard (Springer, 2012)
      Metabolomics data are typically complex and high dimensional. Multivariate dimension-reducing techniques have thus been developed for analysing metabolomics data to disclose underlying relationships, with principal component ...