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  • Van Rooy, Harry F. (Brill Academic Publishers, 2005)
    The article cites a survey conducted by Psalter Hiebert examining the unique variant readings in the headings of the Psalms in Syro-Hexapla Manuscript 12t3. This manuscript contains the text of the Psalms according to the ...
  • Van Rooy, H.F. (Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, 2000)
    In his critical text of the five Syriac Apocryphal Psalms Baars pub- lished two versions of Ps 151, each with its own set of text-critical notes.2 The one version is the one contained in the important Syriac manuscript ...
  • Van Rooy, H.F. (Brill Academic Publishers, 1998)
  • Van Rooy, Harry F. (Society of biblical literature, 1997)
    The article focuses on the Biblical Old Testament passage of Psalm 154:14 and the relation between the Hebrew and Syriac versions of Psalm 154. Subjects discussed include the detection of more than one sub-tradition from ...
  • Van Rooy, H.F. (Universiteit van die Vrystaat, 1996)
    This paper discusses the version of the Syriac Apocryphal Psalms in the important manuscript 12t4. This manuscript is the only Psalm manuscript containing the apocryphal psalms. The Psalms in this manuscript reflect a ...
  • Van Rooy, Harry F. (Paternoster Periodicals (Published on behalf of the Theological Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance), 1995)
    For evangelicals the term tradition has negative connotations. Part of our Reformation heritage is a negative view of the Roman Catholic emphasis on ecclesiastical tradition. This ‘'view can, for example, be seen in Calvin’s ...

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