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    • Gebed en die vorming van Christelike identiteit in Openbaring 

      Koester, Craig (AOSIS, 2015)
      The use of prayer in the book of Revelation is analysed. It is illustrated that heavenly prayer is directed to God, but that Jesus is also the subject of praise in contexts of prayer. Specific attention is given to the ...
    • Gebedsterapie in die verwerking van traumageheue 

      Du Plessis, Amanda L.; De Klerk, Barend J. (AOSIS, 2012)
      Prayer therapy in the healing of traumatic memories. The research question in this article pertains to whether prayer has a place in recovering and healing traumatic memories during the process of inner healing. A person ...
    • Geloof en kennis in die Heidelbergse Kategismus 

      Van der Walt, Sarel P. (OASIS, 2013)
      OPSOMING: Die wyse waarop die noue band tussen geloof en kennis verstaan moet word, figureer huidig steeds in teologiese debatte. In hierdie artikel word die verband wat deur vraag en antwoord 21 van die Heidelbergse ...
    • Genesis en teologie: ’n antwoord op Nico Vorster se seining van Genesis 1-3 as polemiese teologie 

      Stoker, Henk G. (The Association for Christian Higher Education / Die Vereniging vir Christelike Hoër OnderwysSABINET, 2010)
      From a reformed dogmatic and apologetic viewpoint, this article investigates the new understanding of Genesis 1-3 as theological material with a polemic and prophetic purpose. This is what dr Nico Vorster wants to bring ...
    • Gentiles in Matthew's infancy narrative 

      Lee, Brian Kyu; Viljoen, Francois Petrus (Faculty of Theology, Noordwes Universiteit, 2010)
    • Geskiedenis en gesigshoek met besondere verwysing na die rol van die profete in Kronieke 

      Van Rooy, H.F. (AOSIS, 1993)
      The writing of history can not be separated from the point of view of the historian. Objective historiography, therefore, remains an illusion. This problem is examined in this paper, with the treatment of prophets in ...
    • Gewetebinding, Calvyn en die viering van die nagmaal 

      De Klerk, B.J. (AOSIS, 2000)
      Binding of the conscience, Calvin and the celebration of Holy Communion The context in which Scripture uses “conscience” determines the underlying relation of binding the conscience, freedom in Christ and essential and ...
    • The GKSA's use of Article 30 CO in the era of apartheid 

      Vorster, Nico (Stellenbosch University, 2012)
      This article discusses the GKSA’s (Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika) use of article 30 CO during the apartheid era. The central theoretical argument is that the GKSA Synods gave a Kuyperian content to the expression ...
    • Gnoticism, church unity and the Nicene Creed 

      Coetzee, Carel (Publisher: Gereformeerde Teologiese Vereniging, 2008)
    • "Go out and gather each day ...": implications of the ethics of Exodus 16 for modern consumerism 

      Vorster, Jakobus Marthinus (AOSIS, 2011)
      This article focuses on the implied ethical principles of the history of the manna in Exodus 16 and the relevance of these ethical principles for the contemporary culture of consumerism. The principles that can be derived ...
    • The goal of Christian virtue ethics: from ontological foundation and covenant relationship to the Kingdom of God 

      Solomon, Yiu; Vorster, J.M. (Koos) (OASIS, 2013)
      This article examined what constitutes Christian virtue ethics and its goal of highest human good. Christian virtue is a reality that is ontologically rooted in the grace of God through the atonement of Christ to envision ...
    • God and the world in the epistles of Paul 

      Wolter, Michael (OASIS, 2013)
      Paul is not interested in cosmological thinking in the proper sense of the word. This article starts by questioning the cosmological language of biblical writings. The authors of the books of the New Testament mostly use ...
    • The God of Job 

      Maré, Leonard (AOSIS, 2012)
      God is often portrayed extremely negatively in the Old Testament. For example, in the Book of Nahum God is pictured as being responsible for the most horrifying violence imaginable. This negative portrayal of God is also ...
    • God se antwoord op geweld en land in Deuteronomium 

      Helberg, J.L.; Van der Walt, Chris (AOSIS, 2015)
      Deuteronomy attests of God’s exceptional love as proven to Israel in connection with the Promised Land. However, his preferential treatment of Israel and his involvement in violence invokes many questions and much debate. ...
    • Godsdiens : Middel tot verslawing of tot heling? 

      Coetzer, Wentzel Christoffel (Faculty of Theology, University of the Orange Free State, 2010)
    • Godsleer en skrifleer: fokus en uitdaging 

      Coetzee, Carel Frederik Christoffel (AOSIS, 2012)
      Doctrine on God and doctrine on Scripture: Focus and challenge. The choice of the title for this article must be seen against a specific background. In the first place it had to do with the place and task of dogmatics, in ...
    • Godsspraak als drijfveer, standaard en model voor gebed bij Clemens van Rome aan de Corinthieërs 

      Zuiddam, Benno A. (AOSIS, 2015)
      Clement of Rome’s letter to the Corinthians shows an interdependence of holy Scripture and prayer. In the context of this early Christian epistle, Divine revelation, primarily through Scripture, takes on an initiatory role ...
    • Gospel and constitutional imperatives:  the right to life 

      Giles, Stephen Paul (AOSIS, 2011)
      In the Republic of South Africa, Christians are called to live out gospel imperatives within the legal framework of the Constitution. Ethical issues about the right to life are considered from the perspectives of selected ...
    • The Gospel of John's perception of ethical behaviour 

      Van der Watt, Jan Gabriel (AOSIS, 2011)
      Johannine ethics have proven to be a problematic and challenging area of research. In this article the way in which the author of the Gospel of John defines ethical actions are explored. What does he describe as the works ...
    • Gramatização, Ideologia E As Raízes Das Tecnologias Linguísticas 

      De Sousa, Rodrigo (Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, 2012)
      No presente trabalho, fazemos alguns apontamentos sobre como o processo de gramatização da língua veio a instaurar um distanciamento na reflexão linguística entre a língua e sua utilização concreta. Argumentamos que esse ...