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dc.contributor.authorGericke, Jaco
dc.identifier.citationGericke, J.W. 2015. A comprehensive philosophical approach to Qohelet's epistemology. Hts Teologiese studies–Theological studies, 71(1), Art. #2868, 9 pages. []
dc.identifier.issn2072-8050 (Online)
dc.description.abstractAn increasing number of studies have seen the light over the last few decades concerning the epistemology of the book of Ecclesiastes. The extant research seems to be limited to try to find a suitable philosophical profile for Qohelet’s concept of knowledge whilst ignoring a whole array of topics and theories in contemporary analytic epistemology. The available research thus reveals an ‘inside-out’ approach that is, reading Qohelet and then seeking to link his thought to a particular epistemological stance. In this study, however, an ‘outside-in’ approach is opted for that involves noting all the various issues in epistemology and then comparing each with what, if anything, Qohelet assumed in relation to the specific matter at hand.
dc.publisherUniv Pretoria Hts
dc.titleA comprehensive philosophical approach to Qohelet's epistemology
dc.contributor.researchID21609268 - Gericke, Jacobus Wilhelm

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