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dc.contributor.authorDe Jager, G.P.
dc.contributor.authorHuisman, H.M.
dc.contributor.authorKruger, H.A.
dc.identifier.citationDe Jager, G.P. et al. 2010. A quantitative model to evaluate post-implementation efficiency of Scrum. (In Fujita, H., ed. New trends in software methodologies, tools and techniques. Proceedings of the 9th SoMeT_10. Ch. 3:163-181). []en_US
dc.identifier.isbn978-1-60750-629-4 (Online)
dc.description.abstractIn order to improve the information system development process many companies have adopted system development methodologies. Various evaluation methods and frameworks exist in the literature to assist companies during their adoption phase. However, a need was identified to evaluate the efficiency of a system development methodology after adoption. In an era where there is a reappraisal of the usefulness of system development methodologies it is essential to have a valid and reliable method of evaluation. The aim of this paper is to propose an evaluation model to measure post-implementation efficiency of a software development methodology. Data Envelopment Analysis, a linear programming method, is investigated as a means to evaluate efficiency of a SDM after adoption. This paper focus on the Scrum software development methodology as it is a popular methodology in use today. With Data Envelopment Analysis it is possible to classify different companies' use of Scrum as efficient or inefficient. The results also make it possible to identify specific areas in a company that needs improvement. These individual recommendations can be applied to increase the post-implementation efficiency of a company's systems development methodologyen_US
dc.publisherIOS Pressen_US
dc.titleA quantitative model to evaluate post-implementation efficiency of Scrumen_US
dc.contributor.researchID10066896 - Huisman, Hester Magrietha
dc.contributor.researchID12066621 - Kruger, Hendrik Abraham

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