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dc.contributor.authorParsons, R.D.
dc.contributor.authorGarrigoux, T.
dc.contributor.authorSchüssler, F.
dc.contributor.authorBalzer, A.
dc.contributor.authorFüssling, M.
dc.identifier.citationParsons, R.D. et al. 2017. The H.E.S.S. II GRB observation scheme. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1792(1): Article no 050034. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn1551-7616 (Online)
dc.description.abstractGamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are some of the Universe’s most enigmatic and exotic events. However, at energies above 10 GeV their behaviour remains largely unknown. Although space based telescopes such as the Fermi-LAT have been able to detect GRBs in this energy range, their photon statistics are limited by the small detector size. Such limitations are not present in ground based gamma-ray telescopes such as the H.E.S.S. experiment, which has now entered its second phase with the addition of a large 600 m2 telescope to the centre of the array. Such a large telescope allows H.E.S.S. to access the sub 100-GeV energy range while still maintaining a large effective collection area, helping to potentially probe the short timescale emission of these events. We present a description of the H.E.S.S. GRB observation programme, summarising the performance of the rapid GRB repointing system and the conditions under which GRB observations are initiated. Additionally we will report on the GRB follow-ups made during the 2014-15 observation campaignsen_US
dc.titleThe H.E.S.S. II GRB observation schemeen_US

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