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dc.contributor.advisorMazibuko, N.J.L. Dr.
dc.contributor.advisorXaba, M.I. Dr.
dc.contributor.authorKwatubana, Siphokazi Joanna
dc.descriptionThesis (M.Ed.)--North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, 2004.en
dc.description.abstractThe aims of this research were to: determine the strategic role of school governing bodies in dealing with HIV and AIDS pandemic in schools: investigate the current effectiveness of school governing bodies dealing strategically with the HIV and AIDS pandemic: and determine if Gauteng schools hake the National policy on HIV and AlDS and school based policies and how these policies are harnessed to help in effectiveness in dealing with the AlDS pandemic. In the empirical investigation a survey was conducted on the effectiveness of school governing bodies in dealing with HIV and AlDS in schools the availability of school policies and the implementation of the National policy on HIV and AIDS in a self developed questionnaire. in a group of 600 participants all members of school governing bodies in 60 schools in the Vaal Triangle. Findings indicated that the respondents realize the importance of school governing bodies to lead the fight against HIV and AIDS. The results revealed the absence of health advisory committees in most schools which are to deal with HIV and .AIDS issues. Meetings are hardly convened by school governing bodies with health advisory committees where the latter are available and in cases where these meetings are called the impact of HIV and AIDS on educators. Learners and school system is hardly discussed. Health advisory committee members in the Vaal Triangle are not trained to advice and offer counseling services to learners and educators infected and affected, and there are no counseling services offered in schools for affected and infected learners and educators. There are no HIV and AIDS school plans for the day-lo-day management of HIV and AlDS in schools. Most schools do have first aid kits, which are not fully equipped persons responsible for first aid is always available in the majority of schools but these people were not given any form of training. Schools do not keep records of orphans. These learners do not get any form of support from the school and in most schools those who are unable to pay school fees because of their HIV and AlDS caused plight are not exempted from paying. School governing bodies do not have programmes in schools concerning extra classes for HIV and AIDS affected and infected learners who repeatedly absent themselves from school because of sickness and care-giving. There is no money set aside by the school governing bodies. from the school fund to employ temporary substitute educators for those who are on sick leave because of HIV and AIDS (SGB posts). Learners and educators of most schools in the Vaal Triangle are not informed about their fundamental human rights especially those of non-discrimination and equality. There are also no measures in place to ensure that HIV and AlDS affected and infected educators and learners are not discriminated against and in some schools admission policies allow for learners living with HlV and AlDS to attend school for as long as they are able to function effectively. Health advisors visit schools on matters pertaining to HIV and AlDS but school governing bodies hardly invite psychologists to come and address learners and educators on HIV and AlDS matters. School governing bodies hardly attend \\orkshops and seminars not organised by their districts and district officials hardly organise workshops for members of the school governing bodies. Recommendations for further research and the implementation of findings were made. Inter olio the development of an HIV and AIDS governance programme for schools. Particularly schools in historically disadvantaged areas such as townships and farms, where because of illiteracy the parent members of school governing bodies do not understand the National Policy on HlV and AIDS.
dc.publisherNorth-West Universityen_US
dc.titleThe effectiveness of school governing bodies in dealing strategically with HIV and AIDS in schools in the Vaal Triangleen

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