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dc.contributor.advisorTheron, L.C. Dr.
dc.contributor.authorWood, Enid
dc.descriptionThesis (M.Ed.)--North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, 2007.en
dc.description.abstractMany South Africans experience the severe impact of the HIVIAIDS pandemic. The AlDS orphan, specifically, has to suffer the adverse effects of this relentless worldwide catastrophe. The HIVIAIDS orphan is not just another orphan, but someone who suffers from exceptional pressures which may lead to depression, hopelessness and psychological trauma later in life (Coombe, 2003) In order to function well in these circumstances, nterventions that target resilient functioning are needed to empower the AlDS orphan. The purpose of this study was to document, by means of a literature review and empirical research, the phenomenon of resilience among AlDS orphans. In order to achieve this goal, it was necessary to elucidate the concepts HIV/AIDS, pandemic, impacts of the pandemic on South Africa and its orphans, resilience and empowerment of orphans. The aim of the empirical research was to investigate the phenomenon of resilience among HIVIAIDS orphans by conducting both survey and phenomenological research and to compare the functioning of resilient and non-resilient orphans. Some of the important findings include: South African AlDS orphans face multiple risk; the participants of this study show remarkable resilience in spite of adversity; and the resilient AlDS orphans in this study alluded to several intrapersonal and interpersonal protective factors which contribute to their resilience. The findings were used to generate guidelines for individuals, families, education and community stakeholders who interact with AlDS orphans and wish to intervene meaningfully in order to empower AlDS orphans towards (continued) resilient functioning.
dc.publisherNorth-West Universityen_US
dc.subjectHIV/AIDS pandemicen
dc.subjectVulnerable childrenen
dc.subjectRisk and protective factorsen
dc.subjectWellbeing and copingen
dc.titleThe phenomenon of resilience in aids orphansen

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