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dc.contributor.authorKetonen, Elina E.
dc.contributor.authorHaarala-Muhonen, Anne
dc.contributor.authorHirsto, Laura
dc.contributor.authorHänninen, Jari
dc.contributor.authorWähälä, Kristiina
dc.contributor.authorLonka, Kirsti
dc.identifier.citationKetonen, E. et al. 2016. Am I in the right place? Academic engagement and study success during the first years at university. Learning and Individual Differences, 51:141-148. []
dc.identifier.issn1873-3425 (Online)
dc.description.abstractEntrance to university does not automatically lead to high academic engagement and success, and there may be individual differences in student engagement. In the present study, university students' (N = 668) academic engagement and disengagement profiles, and the differences between them in terms of academic achievement, were investigated. Students from introductory courses were classified by Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) into homogenous groups having similar patterns according to the following variables: study engagement, study-related exhaustion, lack of interest, lack of self-regulation, and uncertainty of one's career choice. Four groups of students were identified: engaged, disengaged, undecided, and alienated. Engaged students received the highest grades, with disengaged and undecided students performing most poorly. In addition, the profiles were related to the behavioral indicators of engagement (i.e., ECTS credits). Even after two years of studying, engaged students were performing better than disengaged students. The study's implications for both research and practice are discussed.
dc.subjectAcademic engagement
dc.subjectSelf-regulated learning
dc.subjectAcademic achievement
dc.subjectUniversity students
dc.subjectLatent profile analysis
dc.titleAm I in the right place? Academic engagement and study success during the first years at university
dc.contributor.researchID29554667 - Lonka, Kirsti Maaria

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