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dc.contributor.authorNwanekah, Godfrey Ositadinma
dc.contributor.authorDe Beer, Deon
dc.contributor.authorVan Tonder, Malan
dc.identifier.citationNwanekah, G.O. et al. 2017. Skills development in South Africa through Idea2Product Lab layout for effective learning. Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Rabat, Morocco, 11-13 April. [],en_US
dc.description.abstractIdea2Product Lab which is a sub - deparme nt of Technology Transfer and Innovation based in Vaal Univers ity of Technology (VUT) main campus and also in VUT Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park, Sebokeng . The Lab is a self - help which was established in 2011 as the first South Africa laborat ory dedicated into assisting students , staffs and people from around the community (which are the clients) into converting their Idea s into Product, prototype through the use of 3 - Dimension software’s and entre - level F use Deposit M odeling (FDM) printer s po pularly called 3D printer . These enable the clients to learn how to put the ir ideas down and fashion it into different design s and the n into a product, which give them design skills and a lso a potential to generate income and create job through the use of intellectual thoughts. This abstract is more about the main campus Idea2Product Lab facility layout , the inc lus iveness which encourages effective and interactive learning, and easy access point and management, the main lab layout is more suitable for maxim um of f ourteen (14) people and two to three Lab Assistants and Technicians who are assigned to assist the clients and properly managing clients detailsen_US
dc.subjectAdditive manufacturingen_US
dc.subjectFacility layouten_US
dc.subjectSkills developmenten_US
dc.titleSkills development in South Africa through Idea2Product Lab layout for effective learningen_US
dc.contributor.researchID21755876 - De Beer, Deon Johan

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