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dc.contributor.authorPotgieter, Johan
dc.contributor.authorSteenkamp, Ilse
dc.identifier.citationPOTGIETER, J. & STEENKAMP, I. 2008. Die belewinge van informele versorgers van MIV/VIGS-pasiente; 'n salutogene perspektief. Health SA Gesondheid, 13(2):38-48. [] []en
dc.identifier.issn2071-9736 (Online)
dc.description.abstractFamily members as well as informal caregivers are increasingly bearing the responsibility of taking care of persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, 2000:5). The intensity of the caregiving process and the variety of stressors caregivers are exposed to (Uys, 2002:101-102; De Figueiredo & Turato, 2001:637-640; Flaskerud, Carter & Lee, 2000:128), have been well researched and documented. In this study, the salutogenic perspective was used to determine the sense of coherence of a group of eight informal caregivers. This perspective serves as one of the theories within the movement of positive psychology, where the focus is on the origins of psychological well-being. The results of the Sense of Coherence Scale (SOC) and the analysis of semi- structured interviews revealed a number of general resistance resources that have a positive influence on the caregivers� sense of coherence, as well as their psychological well-being. These results may lead to the development of a psycho-educational program which will assist caregivers in maintaining their psychological well-being in spite of the stressors associated with caregiving.
dc.publisherHealth SA Gesondheid / RAU
dc.subjectHIV/AIDS patients
dc.subjectInformal caregivers
dc.subjectPositive psychology
dc.subjectSense of coherence
dc.titleDie belewinge van informele versorgers van MIV/VIGS-pasiente; 'n salutogene perspektiefen

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