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    • Modelling of cosmic ray modulation in the heliosphere by stochastic processes 

      Strauss, Roelf du Toit (North-West University, 2013)
      The transport of cosmic rays in the heliosphere is studied by making use of a newly developed modulation model. This model employes stochastic differential equations to numerically solve the relevant transport equation, ...
    • Modelling of solar energetic particles by stochastic processes 

      Van den Berg, Jacobus Petrus (North-West University (South Africa), 2019)
      The focused transport of solar energetic particles has received increasingly more interest in the last couple of years due to upcoming missions to the Sun. Stochastic differential equations offer a numerically robust way ...
    • Modelling the evolution of pulsar wind nebulae 

      Vorster, Michael Johannes (2014)
      This study focusses on modelling important aspects of the evolution of pulsar wind nebulae using two different approaches. The first uses a hydrodynamic model to simulate the morphological evolution of a spherically-symmetric ...