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    • Characterization of wheat nematodes from cultivars in South Africa 

      Lamula, Siphamandla Qhubekani Njabuliso (North-West University (South Africa), 2020)
      Plant-parasitic nematodes (PPNs) naturally live in soil and attack small roots, but some species inhabit and feed in bulbs, buds, stems, leaves, or flowers. This leads to plant weakness and they often appear to suffer from ...
    • Genetic polymorphism of prevalent root nodules bacterial strain from Bambara nut 

      Adedayo, Olakekan Ayodele (North-West University (South Africa), 2017)
      Bambara groundnut is an underutilized crop of good microbial resources in green manure. The knowledge of the true microbial diversity in rhizopheric bacteria of Bambara groundnut is fundamental to effective exploitation ...