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dc.contributor.authorDu Preez, Petro
dc.contributor.authorSimmonds, Shan Robyn
dc.contributor.authorChetty, Desiree John
dc.identifier.citationDu Preez, P. et al. 2017. Critical transformation in higher education: ethical reflections on #Mustfall Movements and Concomitant Gender-Based Violence. South African Journal of Higher Education, 31(6):96-112. []
dc.description.abstractProtest movements such as the #MustFall currently dominate the South African higher education landscape. This article focuses on such protest movements, paying particular attention to protests against gender-based violations at some universities, commonly referred to as #RapeMustFall, as an exemplar of the gender injustices and inequities that persist. We argue that debates and policies about gender-based violations at universities cannot and should not be overshadowed by deficient grand narratives informed by patriarchy, colonialism and capitalism. To frame this argument, we critically review the current status quo from a gender mainstreaming policy-making perspective. We then argue the merits of an ethical perspective to transformation in higher education. Critical transformation in higher education requires not only epistemological change and access, but should be a fundamentally ethical pursuit.
dc.publisherHigher Education South Africa (HESA)
dc.subject#MustFall protests
dc.subjectCritical transformation
dc.subjectGender mainstreaming
dc.subjectGender-based violence and Higher education
dc.titleCritical Transformation in Higher Education: Ethical Reflections on #Mustfall Movements and Concomitant Gender-Based Violence
dc.contributor.researchID21989095 - Du Preez, Petro
dc.contributor.researchID21815992 - Simmonds, Shan Robyn
dc.contributor.researchID21019576 - Chetty, Desiree John

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