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dc.contributor.authorKruger, Salome H
dc.contributor.authorLabadarios, D
dc.contributor.authorSwart, R
dc.contributor.authorMaunder, EMW
dc.contributor.authorGericke, G J
dc.contributor.authorKuzwayo, P M N
dc.contributor.authorNtsie P R
dc.contributor.authorSteyn, N P
dc.contributor.authorSchloss, I
dc.contributor.authorDhansay, M A
dc.contributor.authorJooste, P L
dc.contributor.authorDannhauser, A
dc.contributor.authorNel, J H
dc.contributor.authorMolefe, D
dc.contributor.authorKotze, T Jv W
dc.identifier.citationKruger, S., Labadarios, D., Swart, R., Maunder, E.M.W., Gericke, G. J., Kuzwayo, P. M. N., Ntsie, P. R., Steyn, N. P., Schloss, I., Dhansay, M. A., Jooste, P. L., Dannhauser, A., Nel, J. H., Molefe, D. & Kotze, T. Jv. W. 2008. National food consumption survey - fortification baselin (NFCS-FB-I). South African journal of clinical nutrition, 21(3)(Suppl 2):245-300 []en
dc.publisherMedpharm Publications (Pty) Ltd,
dc.titleNational food consumption survey - fortification baselin (NFCS-FB-I)en

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