HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative consumers accept an instant soy maize porridge

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dc.contributor.author Bosman, Magdalena J C
dc.contributor.author Bouwer, Susanna C
dc.date.accessioned 2010-04-15T06:55:55Z
dc.date.available 2010-04-15T06:55:55Z
dc.date.issued 2008
dc.identifier.citation BOSMAN, M.J.C. & BOUWER, S.C. 2008. HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative consumers accept an instant soy maize porridge. Health SA Gesondheid, 13(3):42-53, Sep. [http://ajol.info/index.php/hsa] [http://www.journals.co.za/ej/ejour_health.html] en
dc.identifier.issn 1025-9848
dc.identifier.issn 2071-9736 (online)
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10394/2915
dc.description.abstract The objective of this study was to assess consumer acceptability, preference and consumption intent of an instant soy maize porridge, compared to an instant plain maize porridge, in order to determine the successful inclusion of the soy maize porridge as a food supplement for HIV subjects in a subsequent nutrition intervention trial, to improve their nutritional status. A 5-point hedonic and food action rating scale was used for this purpose. HIV-positive (n=57) and HIV-negative (n=47) subjects were recruited on a basis of availability and willingness to participate. Long-term acceptability and compliance of HIV-positive consumers (n=9) was assessed after three and five months. Analysis of variance (ANOVA), Tukey's multiple comparison test and T-tests (p [less than or equal to] 0.05) were performed. Overall, consumers found the soy maize porridge significantly more acceptable, preferred it to, and also intended to consume it more often than the plain maize porridge. There were no significant differences between the HIV-positive and HIV-negative group regarding acceptability, preference and consumption intent. After three and five months, the HIV-positive consumers (n=9) did not find acceptability of the soy maize porridge significantly different from the first evaluation. It therefore had the potential to be included successfully in the nutrition intervention trial. The current study emphasises the need for sensory evaluation of food products prior to including them in intervention studies, to assess consumers' acceptance of them.
dc.description.uri http://www.thefreelibrary.com/HIV-positive+and+HIV-negative+consumers+accept+an+instant+soy+maize...-a0184644148
dc.description.uri http://search.sabinet.co.za/WebZ/Authorize?sessionid=0&next=ej/ej_content_health.html&bad=error/authofail.html
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Health SA Gesondheid / RAU en
dc.subject HIV-positive
dc.subject Consumers
dc.subject Acceptability
dc.subject Soy maize porridge
dc.title HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative consumers accept an instant soy maize porridge en
dc.type Article en

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