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dc.contributor.authorDuvenhage, André
dc.identifier.citationDuvenhage, A. 2007. Political transformation as an ideological framework: an analysis of dynamic policies and perspectives. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship = Koers : Bulletin vir Christelike Wetenskap, 72(3):377-403. []en
dc.description.abstractThe period after 1994 can be described as the period of political transformation in South Africa. With a revolutionary point of departure, political transformation established itself as a political ideology in South Africa. In general political ideologies are characterised by a hard core of ideas that is extremely difficult to change and a softer periphery (policy application context) that is more pragmatic and dynamic in nature. Changes are normally taking place on the level of the periphery which serves as a protective belt for the hard core of the ideology. Political transformation as an ideology is no exception to this general role and currently needs changes in its protective belt to ensure its survival. This article investigates the ways in which the trans-formation ideology can reposition itself in the future.
dc.description.abstractDie periode sedert 1994 kan beskryf word as die periode van politieke transformasie in Suid-Afrika. Met 'n rewolusionêre benadering as vertrekpunt, het politieke transformasie as ideologiese raamwerk in Suid-Afrika beslag gekry. Politieke ideologieë akkommodeer in die algemeen 'n harde kern van idees wat uiters moeilik verander en 'n sagter periferie (beleidstoepassingskonteks) wat meer pragmaties en dinamies is. Aanpassings vind meestal op die toepassingskonteks plaas, wat as 'n tipe beskermingsgordel dien vir die harde kern van die ideologie. Hierdie artikel ondersoek die wyses waarop transformasie-ideologieë hulself in die toekoms op beleidstoepassingsvlak kan heroriënteer. Politieke transformasie as ideologie is geen uitsondering op die reël nie en die beleidskonteks moet tans geheroriënteer word om die oorlewering van die ideologie te verseker.
dc.publisherBuro vir Wetenskaplike Tydskrifte / Potchefstroomen
dc.titlePolitical transformation as an ideological framework: an analysis of dynamic policies and perspectivesen
dc.contributor.researchID10197125 - Duvenhage, André

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