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dc.contributor.advisorStrydom, E. Dr.
dc.contributor.advisorKruger, A. Prof.
dc.contributor.authorViljoen, Blanche Catharina Susan
dc.descriptionThesis (M.Ed.)--North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, 2009.en
dc.description.abstractDiabetes mellitus (DM) is increasing worldwide and the number of individuals who have this condition in South Africa has also increased drastically. The educator with DM experiences many challenges that affect his or her ability to function effectively. The goal of this in-depth study is to; investigate the causes and physical and emotional effects of DM; investigate the challenges educators with DM face, as well as the effect the condition has on the effective performance of daily tasks in the educational environment; empirically investigate perceptions about DM and its effect on the educator who lives with DM; provide guidelines and make possible recommendations for the educator with DM to perform effectively in the educational sector. For this purpose, terms such as diabetes mellitus, the educator, the educator who has DM, learner of an educator with DM and the effect on the educational system on the educator who has DM had to be clarified. Problems and everyday challenges that the educator with DM faces have been investigated by means of a literature study. The possible perceptions of employers, management, colleagues and learners of educators with DM are also included in the study. Interviews were conducted with eight educators who have DM to obtain information regarding daily challenges they face. The data analysis was conducted carefully, data were arranged and categorised logically and integrated into the core summary of the study. The most important result was that educators who have DM are facing numerous challenges in the educational sector. Guidelines were suggested and possible recommendations were made from the data of the research conducted on educators who have DM that may assist in making the working environment less challenging. These guidelines and adjustments could have a positive effect on and increase the effective functionality of the educator with DM in the educational sector. More effective functioning of the educator with DM will have a positive effect on learners, colleagues, the education profession and ultimately the educational sector in South Africa.en
dc.publisherNorth-West Universityen_US
dc.subjectDiabetes mellitusen
dc.titleDie onderwyser met diabetes mellitus : probleme en uitdagings in die onderrigleersituasieafr

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