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dc.contributor.authorMarais, Henri
dc.contributor.authorVan Schoor, George
dc.contributor.authorUren, Kenneth R.
dc.identifier.citationMarais, H. et al. 2019. The merits of exergy-based fault detection in petrochemical processes. Journal of process control, 74:110-119. []en_US
dc.description.abstractThe complexity and multi-domain nature of petrochemical (PC) plants make the application of conventional model-based fault detection and isolation (FDI) techniques a challenging endeavour. Although hybrid FDI schemes aim to address this shortfall, many are simply a combination of data-driven techniques that exclude physical system information. In this work, a hybrid approach to FDI of a PC process is proposed that is based on an exergy-data abstraction. Data from an actual system is abstracted to system exergy, based on physical knowledge of the system and then used as a diagnostic metric for the FDI scheme. In this paper, it is shown why energy-based approaches are lacking when considering petrochemical processes. After presenting a novel method for the real-time, automatic calculation of chemical exergy in Aspen HySys® the applicability of exergy-based fault detection is investigated. Application of the exergy-based fault detection scheme shows a marked improvement over the energy-based approach with perfect detectability and isolability of the considered process faults. The exergy-based fault detection technique shows merit in comparison to the energy-based detection scheme. Additionally, and more importantly, exergy-based characterisation allows the use of more sophisticated model-based fault detection schemes to petrochemical processesen_US
dc.subjectFault identificationen_US
dc.subjectFault detectionen_US
dc.subjectAspen HySys®en_US
dc.titleThe merits of exergy-based fault detection in petrochemical processesen_US
dc.contributor.researchID12806218 - Marais, Henri-Jean
dc.contributor.researchID12134457 - Van Schoor, George
dc.contributor.researchID12064203 - Uren, Kenneth Richard

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